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Talty Vineyards Zinfandel Tasting Notes – “Redefining what Zinfandel can be”

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San Francisco

Talty Vineyards and Winery was just named Snooth’s Winery of the Year for 2011.

These great Zinfandels are made in limited quantities, and while some are long sold out, others are still available from the winery.

If you like Zinfandel, I urge you to give Talty a try. If you don’t like Zinfandel, you really owe it to yourself to try Michael Talty’s wines at least once. They redefine what Zinfandel can be!

Gregory Dal Piaz
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Top Zinfandel Producers

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Snooth – January 2012
San Francisco

What is it with guys named Mike and Zinfandel? I’ve only had one year, though several vintages, of Michael Talty’s wines and I can honestly say they are a revelation. The perfumes and finesse these wines show are absolutely Burgundian, or as Burgundian as you’re gonna get with Zinfandel.

If you’re looking for power, there are better options out there. If you want to see and smell Zinfandel like never before, you have to try a Talty Zinfandel and pair it with food. Not just the bronto burgers and bison ribs that Zins naturally partner, these wines work with more elegant food. I’ve had great success pairing them with Italian food in particular!

This is the Opera of Zinfandel.

Gregory Dal Piaz

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