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Talty Just Zin Wine Club

tclub01We are pleased to announce the Talty Just Zin Wine Club. After years of request and pleading from our most devoted Talty Zin fans we now have the perfect wine club in place. The Talty Zin Club is very simple. It is Just Zin. The only decision you have to make is that you are a Zin Lover or a Zin Advocate? Then receive your most cherished and coveted Zinfandels twice a year. It is just that simple.

Zinfandel lovers are as passionate about Talty Zinfandel as we are about producing it. The Talty winemaking philosophy is simple: Wine is made in the vineyard. Great care goes into every growing season, and using natural yeast from each vineyard-designated site to ferment each Zinfandel maintains the uniqueness of our wines. We limit the crop from each vineyard to 2 tons per acre. This ensures the intensity and concentration of the fruit from the very beginning, which allows us to make very memorable and consistent Zinfandels.

Membership Benefits

– Flexibility to tailor your wine club releases to what you want!
– Exclusive access to all of our limited-production wines.
– Access to library wines only available to our club members.
– Discounts on all wines, logo merchandise, and club shipments.
– Complimentary VIP tasting for you and your 5 guests.
– Winemaker tasting notes for each shipment.

How it Works

Members receive a club shipment twice a year in the late spring and fall of our award-winning Zinfandels. The club level you select, either the Zin Lover or the Zin Advocate will determine the numbers of bottles in each shipment and the discounts you will receive. Both levels will receive a complete selection of each of our vineyard-designated Zinfandels produced, and best of all, you can tailor your wine club orders with your favorites!

ZL-WC-smZin Lover (Limited to 500 members)

*Receive 6 bottles for each wine club release. Average cost per shipment $183-$215 plus tax and shipping. 10% discount on all purchases.

Zin Advocate (Limited to 100 members)

*Receive 12 bottles in each shipment twice per year. Average cost per shipment $347-$405 plus tax and shipping. 15% discount on all purchases.

*Club memberships may be canceled at anytime with written notice after one year. All purchases will be billed to your credit card number on file. Talty Winery reserves the right to change policies and terms of our Just Zin Wine Club without prior notice.

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